2016 Tuna Fishing Job

I need two good crew members for the 2016 tuna fishing season off the BC coast. You must be a Canadian citizen and have a valid Canadian personal commercial fishing license.

We usually start fishing around the first week of July and can fish as late as the end of October. It all depends  on the water temperature and fall weather.

Chances are you won't get home until the end of the season. Once we start, we keep going until the season ends. Prices are expected to be a little higher this year, so we don't want to miss any opportunities.

I would prefer that you have at least one seasons experience trolling for tuna and have experience on a freezer boat. We can freeze 4-5,000 pounds of fish per day, so you can be pretty busy moving fish around.

Deckhand Duties

Some of the duties you will perform are:

  • Cooking and grocery management
  • Cleaning and scrubbing boat
  • Maintenance and storage of mooring lines and bumpers
  • Catching and processing fish
  • Maintaining fishing gear and bait
  • Loading freezer and stacking fish
  • Keeping boat clean at all times
  • Refueling and engine room maintenance
  • Wheel turns while traveling
  • Contribute to keeping boat in top fishing condition for the entire season

The following skills would be an asset:

  • Diving ticket
  • Mechanical skills, knowledge of diesel engines
  • Cooking skills
  • Marine training or tickets
  • First aid ticket (marine preferred)

What It Will Take

To be happy doing the job, you should be able to function in a cramped and crowded space with two other people. You need to be accommodating and not easily offended. A happy and upbeat attitude is mandatory at all times. For us all to be successful you need to operate at 100% at all times. Slackers get left at the dock at the end of the trip or earlier.

You should be in extremely good physical shape and have above average upper body strength. You'll tire out pretty quickly wrestling some of these big fish we catch and you can't quit until the freezer plates are full for the day.

You must be able to handle rough weather conditions. Once we leave the dock we try to stay out until we are full. Sometimes the weather gets too tough to fish and we'll take shelter somewhere until the weather clears, but most of the time we just ride the weather out.

You should be observant and tuned into fishing at all times. If you are getting distracted from the job at hand or thinking about what you are missing at home, you won't be much help.

Our days start at first light and end at dark. Sleep comes when everything else is done and we have a plan for the next morning. Days start out very long and shorten into the fall.

About the Boat

The Sun Odyssey is a 50 foot fiberglass boat set up strictly for tuna fishing. It has a great working deck and excellent freezing system for a small boat. We can hold about 30,000 pounds before we must deliver.

The accommodations are not the best. The bunks are long, but not very wide with little headroom. There is a small head with shower. The galley is on the small side but is functional with a diesel stove, microwave oven, and electrical appliances.

We pack enough fuel for 40 days of running and about 400 gallons of water. The boat is an excellent seaboat in just about any conditions and is current with her SSI certificate.

In the past 8 seasons the Sun Odyssey has been very competitive and a top producer within the Canadian fleet.

How You Get Paid

I don't mind paying people what they are worth. I don't like having someone tell me they are highly skilled and then don't know squat after I've agreed to pay them as experienced.

The only way it works for me is I assess your qualifications during the first trip and I pay according to your abilities and your contribution to the success or failure of the trip. I've always been very fair with my crew. But if you can't perform you'll be paid greenhorn share and left at the dock at the end of the trip.

I'm only looking for crew who will stay and work the whole season. If I have to look for new crew in the middle of the season, we all lose money, so I'll pay bonuses for completing the season.

You will be guaranteed 5% of the catch if I agree to take you out. If you make the grade and can handle the work, the percentage will go up from there. If warranted I'll pay a maximum of 30% to be shared by the two crew members. It won't necessarily be evenly split and will be based on experience and contribution.

The crew shares operating expenses for each trip and your share of expenses is determined by what percentage you are being paid. Expenses includes 60% of the fuel cost, and 100% of the groceries, fishing gear and any other normal operating expenses.

Our yearly goal is to complete 5 trips although that is not always possible. You'll be paid at the end of each trip by check from
whichever company we sell to. For the past 5 or 6 years we have been selling to French Creek Seafoods.

How to Apply

If you have experience and believe you have what it takes to be successful and last the whole season, please fill out the form below. Those who seem to meet the requirements will be contacted for follow up interviews.

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