Tidal Grid Policy

Ladysmith Fisherman’s Wharf Association Tidal Grid Directive.

A gillnetter on the grid at Ladysmith Fisherman's WharfA gillnetter on the grid at Ladysmith Fisherman's Wharf

To provide tidal grid(s) for vessel owners to perform minor and/or emergency repairs to their vessels in an environmentally responsible manner.

This directive applies to all Harbour users, contractors and LFWA staff.

A. Use of the Tidal Grids is at the vessel owner/operator’s own risk.
B. Hull surface preparation or maintenance activities such as pressure washing, sand blasting, sanding, scraping and the removal or application of anti-fouling coatings are not permitted.
C. Use of the tidal grids must be by advance booking with and approved by the Harbour Manager or designate.
D. All grid users are required to pay a “Clean Up” deposit before using the Tidal Grids, refundable upon cleanup of the vessel grid to the satisfaction of the Harbour Manager.
E. Any Commercial Fishing Vessel will have priority over a pleasure craft regardless of whether or not the pleasure craft had booked in advance.
F. Any vessel in distress and/or in danger of sinking will have priority over all other vessels.
G. Vessels occupying the tidal Grid shall not be left unattended at any time.
H. Users of the Tidal Grid shall deposit waste materials in the designated containers located at the wharf head.
I. Harbour users must make all possible efforts to reduce any environmental impact while on the tidal grids. All spills or release of pollutants MUST be reported immediately to the Harbour Manager or his delegate and the Spill Response Hotline at (604) 666-6011.
J. All users of the Tidal Grids must complete and sign the Tidal Grid Use Agreement before use.

A. All bookings must be made by the Harbour Manager or designate.
B. Vessel name and CFV number must be entered into the Tidal Grid reservation list.
C. User MUST complete Tidal Grid Use Agreement, including signing and initialling where indicated.
D. At time of booking, vessel owner/operator must be entered into the Tidal Grid reservation list.
E. Payment must be made at time of booking. A deposit of $100.00 is required to book the grid. All vessels not using Ladysmith Fisherman’s Wharf as the home port will be required to make the payment at the time of booking.
F. The deposit will be refunded, less any administrative and service charges for the grid. Any required cleanup costs of the Tidal Grids by the LFWA after use of the Tidal Grids will be deducted from the user’s deposit.
G. A day on the grid is to be considered a 24 hours period or any portion thereof.
H. The rate for one day on the grid $50.00.
I. All tidal grid users must be made aware of the followings:
a. Applicable Tidal chart,
b. Use at ones own risk,
c. Terms and Conditions of grid use (Tidal Grid User Agreement),
d. “Baby your Bottom” Environment Canada Brochure

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