Marine Services at Ladysmith Fisherman's Wharf

Ladysmith Fisherman's Wharf provides a variety of marine services geared toward the commercial fishing fleet. Our marina is one of the few remaining working docks on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Well Protected Moorage Year Round

Our marina is sheltered on all sides and provides well-protected moorage from all directions. We have 20 and 30 amp power with fresh water on all fingers.

During the fall, winter, and spring our marina is full to capacity as most major commercial fisheries have ended. But towards the end of May some of the boats begin trickling out and most of the commercial fishers have left by the end of June.

Once this happens we can supply temporary moorage to transient traffic or smaller local pleasure craft that have been stored on land over the winter.

If you are in need of temporary moorage on the east coast of central Vancouver Island during the summer months you can give us a call at 250 245-7511 to see if we can help. We also keep a waiting list for permanent moorage, but give priority to commercial fishing boats.

Read our harbour policies and guidelines.

Read a copy of our berthage agreement.

If you are planning on visiting or would like to apply for moorage at our marina, please fill out the form below.

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Tidal Grids

We have two tidal grids which can be accessed for minor repairs to your hull. The larger grid can accommodate vessels with up to a 50 foot keel length. The grids become dry at a 5 foot tide, so if your boat draws 6 feet of water, you would need an eleven foot tide to get on. Our beach grid can support boats up to 35 feet in length and can be used for similar purposes.

Environmental laws prevent major hull cleaning but it's excellent for surveys and minor repairs. The cost for use of the grids is $50 per day. If you would like to book our grid, give the office a call. You can find our phone number on our contact page.

Read our tidal grid policies.

Just be sure you have received proper instruction on using the tidal grid and you know what the tide is doing before you try to get on. If you misjudge you may be in for a surprise.

Other Marine Services We Provide

On our dockhead at high tide, minor offloading can be arranged by contacting our wharfinger. We also have a crane which can support loads of up to 2000 pounds with a hydraulic winch. The charge for using the winch and crane is $20.00 and must be prearranged to have access to power.

We also have a used oil storage tank and will take your used oil free of charge. Be sure to read the regulations regarding disposal of oil which is posted above the storage tank in our parking lot.

For overnight visitors our office complex contains public washrooms and showers. The showers are coin operated and takes dollar coins. We can also take your garbage (within limits).

Other marine services are available in the area as well. If you provide marine services locally, please contact us about getting mentioned.

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