Information About the Ladysmith Fisherman's Wharf

Ladysmith Fisherman's Wharf is a federally owned facility which was originally built as a fishing harbour for the areas commercial fishing fleet.

The federal government managed hundreds of these harbours throughout Canada for many years up until 1998. After that time they began relinquishing control to local associations or communities who would manage these facilities on behalf of the government.

Although the harbours were used primarily to service the commercial fishing fleets, many harbours have been forced to expand their services to pleasure boaters in an effort to remain viable in areas where fishing opportunities have been reduced due to cutbacks or depletion of stocks.

Our harbour is administered by a board of directors consisting of up to 13 people who are involved in commercial fishing activities as well as other commercial ventures such as chartering, salvage work and whale watching.

The harbour is managed by our General Manager, Ken Bryski, who's a long-time local fisherman. Ken also owns, manages and promotes this website with the harbour authority's approval. Ken's wife Cheryl, is the office manager and handles the daily affairs of the marina.

Although our facility is expected to be profitable in managing it's daily affairs, the federal government is responsible for any major improvements or repairs.

During the winter months the harbour fills to overflowing with the returning commercial fishing boats. From about April on, they begin to filter out to take part in various fishing activities.

Most of the boats are engaged in salmon fishing, although we also have some who fish shrimp, prawns, halibut, herring, crab, and tuna. Once these boats leave we can then provide space to any transient traffic or those who launch their pleasure boats during the summer months.

In most cases our moorage rates are much less than privately owned marinas. If you wish to inquire about our rates or available moorage, you can contact us on this page.

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